With Poetry and Performances by Allegra Handelsman, Dominic Sideway, Viktoria Tchibor, Alfreda Maxwell and Alina Vergnano.

“Arty types and aristos mingled at Allegra Handelsman’s poetry night at the Roman Road gallery in Notting Hill. Alfreda Maxwell had everyone in stitches with her witty songs, but it was Allegra’s work that sparked the liveliest debate. What was it really about? Not men, clearly: ‘The amount of men in London who claim my poetry is about them is staggering,’ she said. Performer Viktoria Tchibor whirled about in a huge pink dress, accidentally hitting Philip Sallon in the face. Luckily, the ever-stylish club impresario turned the other chic.” – Tatler, May 2023

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Charlie Squires, 16, who attends the club in Watford, was nominated for the YMCA England Youth Matters Young Achiever of the Year award and following an online vote and ceremony, Charlie won the top prize.

At the ceremony, which was held last month in London, Charlie, who lives in Croxley, gave a passionate speech where he thanked Barry O’Grady and Viktoria Tchibor from the youth team for the help and guidance they have given Charlie throughout his journey.

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Viktoria Tchibor, a care leaver who received care at By the Bridge, a subsidiary of CareTech PLC, and alumni of Kings College of London, spoke of her own experience as a care leaver and what financial help at university meant for her:

“For those young people to have access to something financially, it can create a foundation for them to choose whatever career they want and provides the freedom to have time to focus on their education and not having to worry about paying bills at university. You have time and space to be able to focus on what it is you went to university to do, which is to learn.”

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The Eurochild conference Children’s Rights Matter: Why Europe needs to invest in children, gathered children and adults, policy makers, child rights experts, politicians, academics and others to answer the question why Europe needs to invest in children.

According to Vika Tchibor, a young person who had experienced care in the UK, “we need to invest more money in making sure that the people who are taking care of vulnerable children are educated.”

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